Our Team


Tyler’s primary focus is to lead and inspire others through his own actions. He coaches clients to find their deepest “why” and guides clients to live a life without limits.

Tyler has five years of coaching experience. He strives to continuously learn and grow as both a professional and individual in order to deliver the best possible service.

His goal is to deliver world-class service and results to whomever should choose to work with him be it up and comers, professional athletes, or someone who is seeking better health and wellness.

When he’s not at work you can find him at the gym pursuing his athletic goals, collecting Batman comics, adventuring, and enjoying time with his beautiful wife, family and friends.

Tyler’s favourite quote:

“Never, never, never give up.”

-Winston Churchill

Tyler has experience working with:

CrossFit athletes

Large groups

Chronic injuries

Rugby players

Massage therapists

Health enthusiasts


Tyler’s Qualifications:

-OPEX CCP Lvl 1 (in progress)

-CrossFit Level 2

-Precision Nutrition Level 1

-Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Level 1

-CrossFit Weightlifting Level 1



Our mission is to help the world live a life without limits. One where you are inspired to be your best self, to achieve your biggest goals and dreams, and to be a catalyst for change for those around you.

We firmly believe in leading by example and the goal is to create an army of individuals who are armed with knowledge, work ethic, and love.

We call this Boundless Nation.